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  • Commercial Renovations:  Benefits and Concerns

    Generally more cost effective than new construction, commercial renovations provide a range of benefits to owners, employees, and the community. Building owners looking to capitalize on these benefits may still have questions. At 5th Generation Contracting we areMore »

    Tips to Help You Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

    Your kitchen remodel project will most likely disrupt your everyday life, but we want to help minimize the disturbance with a few tips for creating a smoother process. Communicate with Your Contractor Clear and honest communication with yourMore »

    Your Formal Dining Room: Reclaim It or Rethink It? 

    Now that the holiday season has arrived, one of your home’s most underutilized rooms will likely be taking center stage—your formal dining room. Friends and family may be gathering around your beautiful dining room table decked with fineMore »

    When is the Best Time of Year for Remodeling Projects?

    As you begin to prepare your home for the holidays you may look around and wonder when is the best time of the year for your upcoming home remodeling projects. The truth is that any time is theMore »

  • Bathtub and Shower Trends

    When you think of bathroom trends, you may think of 1950s pink toilets, 1960s neon floral wallpaper, or 1970s Formica countertops. With statements like these it is easy to see why a homeowner would be scared to embraceMore »

    Considering Return on Investment (ROI) for Home Renovations

    Putting a fortune into a home renovation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to recoup your costs when it comes time to sell. Some home renovation projects yield a high return on your investment (ROI) while others won’t netMore »

    Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Home Remodeling Project

    When hiring a new employee for your business, you utilize a set of guidelines and standards to help you find the best candidate for the job. You’ll want to do the same when choosing your home remodeling contractor.More »

    5th Generation Chosen by My East Cobb Magazine as Best Remodeler of 2018

    We are very honored to announce that 5th Generation Contracting has been chosen as Best Remodeler of 2018 by My East Cobb Magazine. As a family owned and operated home remodeler and custom builder based in Marietta, Georgia,More »

  • Common Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation Mistakes

    No matter how comfortable the rest of your house is, family and guests tend to congregate in the hardest working space in your home—your kitchen. A kitchen remodel or renovation can add to the value of your home,More »

    Outside Is the New Inside: Top Trends in Outdoor Living

    In recent years homeowners have shifted away from only enjoying their outdoor spaces seasonally and have begun to incorporate features for year-round outdoor living. A variety of new, high-performance materials paired withinnovative design plans are allowing homeowners toMore »