Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling Company Renovates Walton Football Stadium

Marietta, Georgia (October 10, 2013) – 5th Generation Contracting, a noted Atlanta bathroom remodeling and painting contractor, renovated the football stadium of Walton High School. They repainted the stadium stairs, bleachers, and logos in preparation for the new football season. They also gave the scoreboards a new coat—navy blue with a white trim to reflect the school’s colors. Read more »

Trusted Atlanta Roofing Contractors Renovate Emory’s Alabama Hall

Marietta, Georgia (October 10, 2013) – 5th Generation Contracting, one of the most trusted Atlanta roofing contractors, is renovating Alabama Hall at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Their service will contribute to the school’s ongoing program of refurbishing campus buildings to support academic and community engagement, enhance sustainability efforts, and provide an environment conducive to research and health care initiatives. Read more »

Noted Atlanta Remodeling Firm Revamps Walton Football Touchdown Club

Marietta, Georgia (October 10, 2013) – 5th Generation Contracting, a renowned Marietta and Atlanta remodeling company, has revamped the facilities of the Walton Raiders Football Touchdown Club, the official support organization for the Walton High School football program. They did this as part of their continuing efforts to support Walton athletics and the East Cobb community. Read more »

Culinary Blockades from Kitchen Mistakes: Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


The kitchen is the heart of any home, as it literally and figuratively gives off warmth while emanating the aromatic fumes of your latest culinary masterpiece. However, as beautiful and dreamy as your kitchen is now, the more you work in it the more you realize that a few things could still be done in order to improve your work station. When that day comes, you can call in Atlanta kitchen remodeling experts like 5th Generation Contracting to help you out from the designing phase to the actual construction and finishing touches. Read more »

Better Call in Reliable Atlanta Roofing Contractors after a Hailstorm


When icy droplets of water are kept floating around throughout freezing thunderstorms, they tend to accumulate more layers of ice and eventually become big (sometimes as big as baseballs or softballs) and heavy enough to fall down and wreak some serious havoc. This phenomenon is what’s known as hail, and it’s proven to be destructive for many homes across the United States. Read more »

What You Should Consider When Pursuing an Atlanta Remodeling Project


2013 is a good year for selling your Atlanta home. From March to April, home prices went up by 3.8 percent and in May it went up again by 3.4 percent. Compared to last year, the latest figures from July show a rise of 20.1 percent in value for homes in metro Atlanta, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price indices; this is good news for metro Atlanta. San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix are the other cities that gained values above 20 percent within a year. Read more »

What to Remember When Remodeling Your Newly Purchased Home with Atlanta General Contractors


The housing industry has come back to Atlanta in a big way; newly built homes “don’t get to the point where they finish and sit anymore,” shares a very confident Josh Hilscher, a home builder with projects across the metro. Jennifer Gandia, a home buyer, paid the asking price for a house in Cherokee County immediately because she “didn’t want to miss out on a great opportunity.” Michael O’Brien from Atlanta Re-Max advises home buyers to find the right budget and stick to it throughout the buying process to get the home that they want. Read more »

Seek a Trustworthy Contractor with Your Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling Project

When 20 women won last year’s senatorial seats─ a record number for females in the position─ nobody anticipated the traffic jams it would create in the Senate women’s bathroom. The Washington Post reports that the jams became such a running joke among the female senators that by June 2013, plans on expanding the Senate women’s bathroom had been laid out, much to the relief of the female lawmakers. Read more »