Better Call in Reliable Atlanta Roofing Contractors after a Hailstorm


When icy droplets of water are kept floating around throughout freezing thunderstorms, they tend to accumulate more layers of ice and eventually become big (sometimes as big as baseballs or softballs) and heavy enough to fall down and wreak some serious havoc. This phenomenon is what’s known as hail, and it’s proven to be destructive for many homes across the United States.

It was certainly destructive for the capital of the state of Georgia a few months back, when a hailstorm devastated many homes and left them with bruised and battered roofs that any responsible homeowner would want to fix as soon as possible. Indeed, there’s no doubt that reliable Atlanta roofing contractors like 5th Generation Contracting had their work cut out for them.

The hail had left so many homes damaged that some called it the worst hailstorm Atlanta had ever seen in years. In fact, reports estimated that up to 100,000 homes in the metro were affected, to say nothing of valuable private property such as vehicles.

According to the Federal Alliance for Same Homes, one of the most costly natural disasters are hail storms as they can cause up to $2 billion worth of damages each year. This happens due to the fact that hail is a lot heavier and sharper than rain and can really beat up the shingles on your roofing and compromise what’s underneath.

Roofing damages are much like cavities because when the tops (shingles for roofs and crowns for teeth) start tearing, breaking, or otherwise become compromised, whatever is underneath them starts to get damaged and could soon degrade into rotting parts that are comparable to cavities on teeth. However, instead of getting tooth aches, what you get are a lot of leaks, possible higher energy costs, and in worst case scenarios, collapsed roofing. This makes detecting hail damage a lot more important, as fixing them is a battle against time.

Although roofs don’t collapse overnight, fixing any problems earlier on could save you a lot of money in the long run. To find out if you need to call in a contractor, you can set a ladder up and check your gutters for any loose shingle granules, your roof for any cracks, dings, or dents, and your ceiling for signs of leaks. Hail damage can sometimes be hard to detect, so if you think you need to have it checked, get a professional who knows exactly what he should be looking for.

Hailstorms don’t happen everyday, but it doesn’t take them much to damage your roofing. If heavy enough, they could even break windows, sidings, or skylights. When you’re certain that hail has left you with holes around your roof, cover them up with tarp and call in contractors from an Atlanta roof repair company like 5th Generation Contracting.

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