Culinary Blockades from Kitchen Mistakes: Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


The kitchen is the heart of any home, as it literally and figuratively gives off warmth while emanating the aromatic fumes of your latest culinary masterpiece. However, as beautiful and dreamy as your kitchen is now, the more you work in it the more you realize that a few things could still be done in order to improve your work station. When that day comes, you can call in Atlanta kitchen remodeling experts like 5th Generation Contracting to help you out from the designing phase to the actual construction and finishing touches.

Doing a kitchen makeover can finally get you the dream kitchen that you truly deserve. Before you start dreaming about the recipes you could try out next, though, you need to thoroughly plan your kitchen’s interior. To help cooks everywhere, Sara Elliot of writes on a few mistakes that you could make in kitchen design.

According to Elliot, the lack of countertops is one of the biggest complaints a lot of cooks have for kitchen design. Working around the kitchen is going to be difficult if you have little space to work on because tools alone take up a lot, and if you need to do a lot of moving around it could get pretty frustrating when you frequently knock pans and pots over. So, when redesigning, it’s important to have countertop space in mind while being sure never to put too much stuff on it.

Storage is also very important, especially when you’re into exploring different methods of cooking. When you have a multitude of tools and containers, having closed shelves can save you from having a messy-looking kitchen. The extra storage also means more space to hide junk food from your children.

There is also what is called the “Golden Triangle” in kitchen layout, which basically means that your sink, refrigerator, and stove, should be located in close triangular proximity to each other. Remember to keep adequate space between them, but not so much that it would make walking around difficult.

Kitchen renovation can be daunting, but calling in Atlanta kitchen renovation experts can help you trim the task down and ease up the workload. Just try not to be overly extravagant and keep in mind that simplicity is still elegance.

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