Seek a Trustworthy Contractor with Your Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling Project

When 20 women won last year’s senatorial seats─ a record number for females in the position─ nobody anticipated the traffic jams it would create in the Senate women’s bathroom. The Washington Post reports that the jams became such a running joke among the female senators that by June 2013, plans on expanding the Senate women’s bathroom had been laid out, much to the relief of the female lawmakers.

Until the renovation was completed following the August recess, the women’s room on the floor where the Senate convenes had only two stalls. The twenty women senators were by no means the first (that honor goes to Rebecca Felton of Georgia, who served very briefly in 1922), but never before had their been a need to accommodate that many of them.

Prior to that, the record for female senators was at 17. At the same time, the Congress also saw its record of women serving broken to a total of 78. As of this writing, however, there is no news yet regarding any bathroom renovations across the Capitol.

For Georgia homeowners, a new household member is not the only reason they’d want to conduct Atlanta bathroom remodeling projects. New homeowners who bought pre-owned homes in one of the city’s neighborhoods may want to redo the bathrooms to raise the home’s overall value. Other homeowners might want their bathrooms redone simply because they have the budget for it.

No matter what their reasons might be, one must remember that when one is going for a bathroom remodel in Atlanta, it can only be successful if the homeowners put a lot of thought into how the project should be undertaken, and if they hire a qualified contractor such as 5th Generation Contracting to manage the remodeling endeavor. This is also true for any other kind of home renovation project.

As its name implies, 5Th Generation Contracting is a local and family-run business that has served Atlanta homes for five generations. Its staff, which boasts expertise in craftsmanship, the use of high quality materials, and extensive knowledge on what works well in Atlanta’s geography and weather makes it one of the most reliable local home remodeling contractors. They will also make sure that your home’s female residents will never lack for space whenever they need to do their business.

(Info from Senate Women’s Restroom Expanding to Accommodate Historic Numbers, The Washington Post, June 12, 2013)

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