What to Remember When Remodeling Your Newly Purchased Home with Atlanta General Contractors


The housing industry has come back to Atlanta in a big way; newly built homes “don’t get to the point where they finish and sit anymore,” shares a very confident Josh Hilscher, a home builder with projects across the metro. Jennifer Gandia, a home buyer, paid the asking price for a house in Cherokee County immediately because she “didn’t want to miss out on a great opportunity.” Michael O’Brien from Atlanta Re-Max advises home buyers to find the right budget and stick to it throughout the buying process to get the home that they want.

Buyers should quickly decide if they like the house, love the neighborhood, and find the rates agreeable. Sara Wiles, a first time home buyer has what it takes to get the house she wants, but she’s yet to buy one; in her words: “The second we find a place it’s off the market. Somebody has bought it. It’s under contract. It’s frustrating.” For buyers who’ve begun to doubt their impulsive purchase over the past few months, skilled Atlanta general contractors can help them in renovating their new homes.

Know What You Want

About.com’s Jackie Craven, however, cautions new homeowners to take the remodeling job one step at a time for it not to be a nightmare. Spend some more time living in your new house and understand its strengths and its shortcomings; from there, you can map out your ideas on your own. Craven believes that it’s very important to “consider how new construction will affect the overall context of your home.”

Get Online Help

The Internet makes a great many things easier, and that’s exactly why you should use it as a means of gathering information on your home remodeling project. View the galleries for inspiration and check out online blogs on such projects. See which replacements would add more comfort for your family and value to the house and get a clearer picture of your budget by asking for estimates online.

5Th Generation, a team of experienced general contractors in Atlanta, GA, have a contact form on their website where you can request for estimates for every home remodeling project you can think of, from upgrading your roofing to extending your new home with a new sunroom. As with the most established companies, 5th Generation’s website features additional information for you, so you will be able to ruminate well on every aspect of your plans even before calling your contractors.

Other Arrangements

With an architect and a contractor now at hand, the next step is to ensure that everyone will do their best to cooperate until the job is complete. Prepare a written contract that every party will agree to and secure a legal permit to alter the house that you bought. You can check with your Atlanta general contractor if it handles the securing of building permits.

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