Signs You May Need New Roofing in Marietta GA and Beyond

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As vital as a sturdy roofing system is to the structural integrity of a home, many homeowners cannot recognize subtle signs of damage that could lead to disaster. It’s easy to notice holes and gaps, and water leaking into your home is hard to miss, but there is a wide range of less noticeable signs of damage that are just as dangerous to the structure of your home. These less visible signs are easily picked up on by professional roofers, and at 5th Generation Contracting we are the experts in roof repair that Atlanta homeowners turn to for thorough inspections.
Here is a list of signs that you can look for on your roof that could lead to further damages. If you notice one or more of these signs, be sure to contact the leading factory-trained roofing experts in Marietta- 5th Generation Contracting.

• Shingles that have been warped or cracked
• Exterior walls that show signs of streaking or stains
• Mold or moss buildup on the roof itself
• Flashing that is not properly secured, or torn of completely
• Sagging or loose gutters
• Discoloration on attic rafters

These signs, among others, may be indications that your roof cannot be fixed with simple repairs. However, if repairs can extend the lifespan of your roofing system, repairs will be our first suggestion. A complete roofing overhaul can be costly, and at 5th Generation Contracting we are the experts in roof repair that Atlanta counts on for value-adding repair services.

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